Who is NewConstruction.io?

What makes NewConstruction.io different is that we not only focus on new construction homes, but we value the opinions of the real estate agents on the ground who visit these properties all the time. They see things differently and their different perspective helps to paint a better picture for home buyers looking for new construction. You get to see photos, videos, and feedback on a property from the eyes of multiple real estate agents which is different from the typical photos of new construction that is usually a plan or some kind of graphical rendering. By having this kind of feedback, you can see even more of the new construction before walking through the model and seeing the neighborhood. Many of the photos show the neighborhood as it is getting built as well.

If you are an agent, when you visit new construction, login to NewConstruction.io and post pictures, video, and also feedback to help new clients. Show visitors to NewConstruction.io that you are an expert in the New Construction that they are looking at. If you don’t find the new construction property/subdivision on our site, send us an email so that we can add it to our database.

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